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What our parents say about us

1.    The wonderful, approachable and caring staff have created a nurturing environment in which our child is thriving.  We wish to congratulate all of the staff at Bloomings and say a great big thank you.

2.    Gabby has made a lot of social progress since joining Bloomings.  I am very happy with the staff, it is especially nice to see familiar faces after a break of 5 years.  Any new staff I have met since Gabby joined are an asset to the team.

3.    Staff are all very nice, a credit to the Manager and Owner.  I would highly recommend it.

4.    Harvey has had a brilliant time over the past 4 years.  The nursery has given him confidence, independence and able to interact with other children.

5.    The lunchtime menus are excellent and Kaiden eats a wider variety of foods than he would at home.

6.    We are very happy with Daisy attending Bloomings.  The staff are very friendly and great with Daisy.  The daily report is very detailed and we can see Daisy is enjoying her time there and developing all the time.  Thanks.

7.    Staff are very accommodating. I know that Adam is looked after well by people that really  care for him and he enjoys going.

8.    Very happy with the staff and the help from nursery, Louis is very settled here.