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What OFSTED says about us


JUNE 2016

1.    Children are confident learners as their independence and self-care skills are encouraged.

2.    Children behave well at all ages and thier social skills are well established.

3.    All areas are resourced well.

4.    Parents are very happy with the support they receive.

5.    Staff provide a calm but stimulating environment, particularly in the baby room.  Children develop close emotional attachments to key staff, enjoying their playfulness and praise.

6.  Children arrive happy and are confident when settling to play.  Staff know the children well and care caring and nurturing.




1.    Parents are kept informed about their child's progress.  They regularly discuss and share written information with parents about their child's learning and development.

2.    Staff are qualified and have a suitable knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop.  This knowledge helps to support children to make steady progress and develop the basic skills they require in readiness for school.

3.    Staff have warm interactions with children.  They help children to settle easily, form strong bonds with their key persons and develop their confidence and independence.

4.    Teaching in the nursery is good.

5.    Babies and children are happy and secure at the nurery.  They have developed effective relationships with staff, who are caring and attentive to their needs.  

6.    Positive behaviour is promoted and children are encouraged to be polite and use good manners.



1.    Children throughout the nursery arrive excited and ready to participate in the excellent activities and experience which await them.  Children’s ability to relate to others is quite striking,  not only do they relate well to adults, but they have developed very good relationships with each other.

2.    Children’s behaviour is exemplary.

3.    Children’s learning and welfare is successfully promoted by the caring, nurturing and knowledgeable team of staff and the stimulating, inclusive and welcoming environment in the nursery. 

4.    There are strong relationships and excellent partnerships between staff, parents and other professionals.

5.    The nursery is committed to promoting equality and diversity and this ensures that the children learn about differences through sharing stories and celebrating festivals.

6.    Children are cared for in a welcoming, secure indoor and outdoor environment.   They are eager to attend and relish their time in the vibrant and safe setting.  Children are cared for in a highly innovative planned and organised environment which is conducive to their very good learning and development.

7.    Staff ensure the environment is safe as they employ rigorous safety policies and procedures ensuring children’s safety at all times.  Staff are extremely diligent in their care of children and the provision of a safe environment through the use of suitable safety equipment, high staff ratios and supervision.

8.    Staff have an excellent understanding of how to achieve a balance between freedom and setting safe limits and how to involve children effectively in organising their environment. 

9.    Children’s care is significantly enhanced by the exceptional quality of organisation and the good leadership and management of the setting.  The manager’s clear sighted educational vision is founded in an in-depth understanding of the needs of young children.